How to Polish Granite Countertops in Bathroom, Kitchen

Granite Countertops in Kitchen bathroomGranite Countertops in Kitchen bathroom
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The elegance and decor serenity of the home interiors are easily maintained by adding granite countertops in the kitchen, window frames, bathrooms, and flooring. Since this material comes in different types of shapes, colors, and sizes; it will definitely add some style to your living place.

Granite Countertops

Granite countertops may lose shine and luster in a few months or may also become coarse which can be solved with granite polishing. Before granite polishing, the countertop must be cleaned with a non-abrasive solution for better end results.

Polishing granite countertops will help the material to shine and to be cleaned easily in the near future as it will help you to remove the fingerprints and other spots which usually are found with regular uses.

The polishing job of granite countertops can be done through a process that involves the following steps –

Cleaning Granite countertop

Since granite materials are costly, you will have to take cleaning precautions that must not damage the surface. Cleaning granite job should be done with soft microfiber and warm soapy water rather than acidic substances such as alcohol or vinegar. Use a fresh soft cloth for cleaning the water spots.

Stain Removal

Staining is not easily possible in granite material however; it may occur sometimes which should be removed completely. The best thing which can be used as a stain remover is a poultice which can also be made at your home for which you will need baking soda and hydrogen peroxide solution to get a thick paste. Simply make the granite countertop wet and the poultice should be then spread on to be left for a few days, one or two. Take a clean cloth and then wipe it off.

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Polishing of Granite Countertops

In order to polish the granite countertops in the kitchen and bathroom, you should have a commercial non-abrasive granite polish which should be applied and then buffed with the help of a clean and soft cloth. You are also free to make these non-abrasive solutions at your home for this you will require rubbing alcohol, water in the ratio of 1:3, and pH-neutral dish soap drops. Sprinkle this homemade solution on the granite countertops and wipe the granite with a soft sponge. It is recommended that you should wear gloves while polishing the granite countertops with commercial products.

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