Best Bathroom Mirror Styles, Designs, Types

Bathroom mirror, no doubt it certainly on the list of must have bathroom accessories. Choosing a bathroom mirror isn’t that easy because you need to consider your bathroom design, shape and sizes and most important of them all – about it’s usage.Bathroom Framed MirrorBathroom Framed Mirror

Bathroom Mirror Styles

Depending upon various parameters the following types of bathroom mirror styles, designs exists –

Bathroom Framed Mirror

In this kind of Bathroom mirrors, the mirror has a frame and mirror is hung to the wall. The frames are available in various styles, designs from contemporary to classic and this are commonly found mirrors in most bathroom.

Bathroom Frameless Mirror

Depending upon bathroom interior, many people consider going with frameless mirror, a mirror without frame.

Bathroom LED Mirror

Since LED lights new in the markets, Bathroom mirrors with LED lights in the outer framer are newest in this line. These are perfectly suitable for applying makeups.

Bathroom Venetian Mirror

Venetian mirror should be the choice for those who look have modern bathroom. These mirrors have carved edges which are appealing and come in thousand designs.

Vanity Mirror

Vanity mirrors are one which is kept on the vanity countertop and can be used for makeup applications. The size & shape of vanity mirrors various depending on the countertop and there is wide range of options available. A bathroom can have both vanity mirrors and other mirrors.

Cabinet Mirrors

If your bathroom has cabinet then most people prefer cabinet mirrors. The mirror is smaller in size and can be accessed by opening the small door handle of storage section via push or sliding feature.

Pivot Mirror

The bathroom pivot mirrors are fixed to the wall with the help of two hinges. These are more suitable to classic style of bathrooms.

Extendable Bathroom Mirror

Extendable bathroom mirrors or towing side mirrors are available for those whose bathroom size is very little.

Since we have gone through different kind of bathroom mirror designs we hope that you can make right choice in selecting them in accordance with your bathroom interiors. The choice is yours; go with decorative mirrors or with one that have plain mirror.