10 Must Have Bathroom Accessories & Fittings

Bathroom is undoubtedly one of the most important places of any house. Bathroom is a place of relaxation. Bathroom accessories play a very important role in making the bathroom more beautiful. We have gone through must have bathroom accessories & fittings.Bathroom AccessoriesBathroom Accessories

Bathroom Accessories & Fittings

Now days, there is a huge flood of bathroom accessories in the market. Many different types of bathroom accessories are available in the market. Now days, bathroom accessories is not just limited to towel rack or shower, but it is much more than that. There are many different types of accessories that are available in the market that gives bathroom, the more stylish or more look. Here are some bathroom accessories that you must have in your bathroom.

Bathroom Mirror

Mirror, no doubt one of the must- have accessory for any bathroom. But, now a days mirror is not just a piece o use, but it is also used to give bathroom a new and a fresh look. Mirrors are available in the market in many different shapes and also in different sizes. Mirror in round shape, square shape, rectangle shape, oval shape and hexagonal shape are easily and very readily available in the market. Mirrors are also available in the market at different price range. So, it is very important to choose mirror that best suit in the bathroom space and also best fulfils the requirement. For the right advices, we have gone through best Bathroom mirror types, designs.

Bathroom Wash Basin

After mirror, the most important and the most useful bathroom accessory is the wash basin, wash basin is one of the most important bathroom fitting the each and every bathroom must-have. Wash basin is important accessory for every bathroom because it is frequently used accessory when it compared to other accessories in the bathroom

Like mirror, wash basin are also available in the market in the stylish look. Wash basin are also available in the market in different shapes, styles, size and also in different colors.

Bathroom Cabinets

Next to mirrors and wash basin, bathroom cabinet is another accessory that is used very frequently. Bathroom cabinet not only gives bathroom a new and stylish look, but it also makes bathroom the more comfortable place. Bathroom cabinet is used to keep item likes toiletries and other items as well. Bathroom cabinets are placed either above the wash basin or below the wash basin.

Bathroom cabinet gives bathroom an elegant as well as organized look. Like mirror and wash basin, bathroom cabinet is also available n the market in many different styles, shapes, colors and pattern. So, bathroom cabinet is also another accessory that bathroom must-have.

Bathroom Counter

Bathroom counter also comes in the list of must-have bathroom accessories. But, bathroom counter is meant for only spacious bathroom. Bathroom counter needs lots of space, so bathroom counters is not a good idea for mall bathrooms. Bathroom counter is a kind of slab or a counter around the sink or the basin. Bathroom counter not only enhances the beauty of the bathroom, but also very useful as well. On bathroom counter, you can keep decoration items like show piece or a flower-pot or you can also place items of your daily use like tooth paste, tooth-brush, hair gel, face wash etc.

Bath Sanitary Ware

Other accessory that gives bathroom a complete look and also makes bathroom comfortable for you is the sanitary ware. There are many items that includes in the list of sanitary ware. Some of the common items that are the parts of sanitary ware are toilet seat, toilet paper, toilet paper holder, flush, spray and so on. It is better to fix soap case or toilet paper holder on the wall in order to save space. All the sanitary ware is easily available in the market at affordable price.

Round Grating

Bathroom is one of the most humid places, so it is very important to have a good sewage system. If the floor holds water then it results in many serious accidents and also develops a unhygienic condition in the bathroom, which is definitely not good for the health. So, round grating system is undoubtedly, one of the most essential and must- have bathroom accessory.

Bath Fittings

The list of bath fittings is very long. It includes shower head, shower cap, bath tub, towel holder or towel rack and so on. Many latest designs of shower head and bath tub are available in the market these days.

Bathroom Curtains

Bathroom curtains are now in great trend those days. Bathroom curtains give elegant look to the bathroom. There are wide varieties of bathroom curtain that are available in the market. So, you can go for bathroom curtain that goes with the theme of the bathroom.

Silver Tray

Silver tray is another accessory that is in great trend these days.  Today, silver tray is mostly used in the place of bathroom cabinet or bathroom counter. Silver tray is easy to fix and also affordable. Silver trays are very easily available in the market.

Scented Candles or Small Plants

Scented candles or small plants are decorative accessories that are perfect for the large and spacious bathroom.

So, these are some of the best bathroom accessories & fittings that a bathroom must- have these days.