Oxygen Bleach Powder - Cleaning, Uses

Chemically known as sodium percarbonate, oxygen bleach is a great agent which will sanitize the place by removing stains and grimes in a harmless manner. This process is typically achieved through a simple chemical reaction when oxygen bleach is added into water to form bubbles. Yes, this is the best and perfect product to eliminate stains, dirt and odor from the garments. It works as a compelling magic for your dirty cloths and can further be used as deodorant and disinfectant.Oxygen Bleach CreamOxygen Bleach Cream

Working process of Oxygen Bleach Powder

Oxygen bleach when dissolved in water will release bubbles and it will be ready to break down all kinds of bacteria and stains from the cloth. One of the greatest benefits of using this bleach is that it will remove all dirt and stains from the garment without compromising with the quality and color of cloth. For quality match, you can simply compare the results and process of oxygen bleach to that of the chlorine bleach which also does the same task of removing stains and bacteria from cloths but in an anti-environmental manner. Since it contains a good proportion of sodium hypochlorite, an oxidizer; it will definitely cause skin sensation, burning and has been claimed responsible for eye damage, nasal passage blockage, lung damages and easily rust the metals. In this way, it is not better for our environment and it will also discolor your cloths. One thing you should remember here is that while cleaning spots and stains of clothes with oxygen bleach, give ample amount of time to garment to get fully soaked in water.

Oxygen Bleach Powder Uses

Removal of organic stains and cleaning dirty clothes are some of the best applications of oxygen bleach but it can also be used to eliminate spots caused due to blood, coffee, berries, body fluids, vegetables, juices, sauces, dirt, dairy products, bacteria, grass and wine. However, it is not effective in removing the motor oil from the clothes. What keeps it at the top position in cleansing is the fact that oxygen bleach can work effectively on many surfaces like wood, carpets, porcelain, plastics, fabrics, concrete and fiberglass. Delicate fibers such as wool or silk are not favorable for oxygen bleach and it must not be used to remove non-organic stains such as paint, synthetic oil or ink.

Additional uses and aftermaths of Oxygen Bleach

You can apply powdered form of oxygen bleach to deodorize, brighten and remove the stains in the laundry. Plastic sanitization can also be achieved. The greatest advantage of using this bleach is that it leaves no harmful residue like chlorine bleach except oxygen, soda ash and water which is quite friendly to environment.