Cleaning Bathroom Granite Countertops

There are various techniques that are typically used in cleaning the bathroom countertops made of granite but it will differ with the types of stains present on the material.  Bathroom CountertopsBathroom Countertops

Here, you will find some amazing steps to clean bathroom granite countertops –

  • Take some warm soapy water along with sponge and clean towel. Use the sponge dipped in the water solution and wipe down the countertop gently. Again, dampen the sponge in just separate warm water and wipe the countertop to remove soapy residues.
  • Use clean towel then to dry the countertop.

Remove Stains from Countertops

  1. In order to remove the wine stain from granite countertop, make a paste at your home with the help of 1 cup molding plaster and adequate amount of bleach to form a paste. You will also need a sponge and clean cloth.
  2. Apply this paste on wine stain and leave it for half an hour.
  3. Make use of the sponge soaked in warm water then to remove the paste along with wine stains from the granite countertop.
  4. With help of clean cloth, dry the granite completely so that no traces of stain are observed.

Removing Felt Tip Marker

  1. Pour some acetone on a clean rag and rub the ink with cloth in circles until the trace is complete gone.

It should be noted here that bathroom granite countertops must be sealed in a year or two for better durability and performance. Non-toxic sealer will simply not allow the stains to enter into the granite material and keep your countertop clean for maximum time period.

Also, you must make use of the granite cleaner to clean the countertops however; you must avoid the use of any kind of acidic, abrasive, stronger detergents or corrosive cleaning solutions. Granite cleaner has the reputation of cleaning any kind of stains and scratches from the countertops.

Additional tips from Bathroom granite countertop cleaning –

   1.  Removing General Stains

Make a paste with 1-2 tbsp dishwashing soap, 1 cup flour and some water and apply this paste on countertop to be left for overnight covered with plastic.

  1.  Removing Oil-based Stains

Make a paste with 12% hydrogen peroxide, 1 cup flour and water to be applied on the countertop. Cover it with plastic and leave the material for overnight.

  1.  Removing Organic Stains

Just mix 2-3 drops of ammonia with 12% hydrogen peroxide which should be directly applied to the organic stains such as fruit, coffee and tea. Make use of soaked sponge to clean the residue.