Bathroom Floor Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

The bathroom is the most frequently and daily-used space in your home which must be cleaned and maintained. Many people consider the job of bathroom cleaning more tedious and complicated however; they fail to know the effective and quite useful tips.Bathroom Floor CleaningBathroom Floor Cleaning

Bathroom Floor Cleaning

Freshness and functionality of the bathroom will be readily improved if you clean the space with the following recommended tips –

Improve Air Circulation

Growth of mildew in the bathroom can be readily controlled by improving the air circulation process through vents and windows which will also help you in reducing the moisture concentration. Dehumidifiers, air conditioners and fans can also work for you.

Scheduled Drain and Pipe Cleaning

At least once a month, you should clean drainage system and pipes of the bathroom so that they remain free from oil, hair clogs and grease. This can be easily done with a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar in equal quantity which should be poured into drains and pipes.

Squeegee Use

Shower walls often come with water spots and stains that will last long which must be cleaned in a week with the help of squeegee. Curtains should be closed to dry up the water that often sits at the folds.

Fix Soap Scum Issue

It is advised to use acidic cleaner to fix the issue of soap scum which are hard and stubborn in nature. You can remove the scum with a light solution of water and white vinegar however; it should be done with caution.

Solution to Clogged Showerheads

With regular water flow, showerheads can be clogged due to mineral deposits which should be handled smartly. Simply fill a plastic with non-diluted white vinegar and hang it to the top so that showerhead remains submerged for a night. Simply scrub the pores to remove clogging.

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Keep Vents and Blinds Clean

An authentic and multi-tasking duster can be used to get rid of dust accumulation in fans, window blinds and bents that are hard-reaching places in the bathroom.

Cleaning Bathtub

Bathtub in the bathroom will need proper and regular maintenance which can be done by filling warm water into tub and then adding a fewer amount of bleach.