Bathroom Countertop Cleaning Tips and Advices

No doubt, countertops used in the bathroom are the most durable and resistant to water splashes and scratches but they will need proper cleaning and maintenance for giving a tidy and clean look.Bathroom Countertop CleaningBathroom Countertop Cleaning

Bathroom Countertop Cleaning

The countertops in the bathroom are assaulted by different substances like toothpaste and hairspray thus; they come in different finishes such as plastic laminate, culture marble or ceramic tile.

  • Plastic laminate countertop – Dirt of the plastic laminate countertop in the bathroom can be easily removed by wet scrubbing pad however; you should make use of the abrasive side to get rid of grime and grease. If the countertop has developed some sort of stains and hard spots, use some quantity of baking soda and rub it gently.
  • Cultured marble countertop – You should always clean such a countertop with warm and soapy water however; you may try some bleach for cleaning purpose. It should be noted here that scrub pads and abrasive cleanser should never be used cultured marble countertops because scratches may develop on the surface.

In case, the cultured marble countertop has developed stains, you should remove these hard spots with the help of paste which should be made of water or talc, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, bleach or ammonia. Simply rub the stain spot with a brush using the paste and you will see fine and well-cleaned countertop free from stains.

  • Ceramic tile – Water mixed with white vinegar should be used to clear the soap films but you should avoid using pads or abrasive cleaners. In case of ceramic tile countertop, it would be hard for the stains to develop but grout becomes a common problem. For this, you should make use of the bleach solution and gently rub the spot with a brush. Grouts are the best places for bacteria growth and multiplication thus; they should be sealed with genuine grout sealer.

Most of the experts also recommend the use of disinfectant on the bathroom countertops which will never allow the growth of bacteria and other harmful germs in the area. For this, you should choose an authentic and commercial disinfectant to keep the place free from any bacteria and grime.