Cleaning Bathroom Granite Countertops

There are various techniques that are typically used in cleaning the bathroom countertops made of granite but it will differ with the types of stains present on the material.  Bathroom Countertops

Here, you will find some amazing steps to clean bathroom granite countertops –

  • Take some warm soapy water along with sponge and clean towel. Use the sponge dipped in the water solution and wipe down the countertop gently. Again, dampen the sponge in just separate warm water and wipe the countertop to remove soapy residues.
  • Use clean towel then to dry the countertop.

Remove Stains from Countertops

  1. In order to remove the wine stain from granite countertop, make a paste at your home with the help of 1 cup molding plaster and adequate amount of bleach to form a paste. You will also need a sponge and clean cloth.
  2. Apply this paste on wine stain and leave it for half an hour.Cleaning the Toilet
  3. Make use of the sponge soaked in warm water then to remove the paste along with wine stains from the granite countertop.
  4. With help of clean cloth, dry the granite completely so that no traces of stain are observed.

Removing Felt Tip Marker

  1. Pour some acetone on a clean rag and rub the ink with cloth in circles until the trace is complete gone.

It should be noted here that bathroom granite countertops must be sealed in a year or two for better durability and performance. Non-toxic sealer will simply not allow the stains to enter into the granite material and keep your countertop clean for maximum time period.

Also, you must make use of the granite cleaner to clean the countertops however; you must avoid the use of any kind of acidic, abrasive, stronger detergents or corrosive cleaning solutions. Granite cleaner has the reputation of cleaning any kind of stains and scratches from the countertops.Bathroom Granite Countertop

Additional tips from Bathroom granite countertop cleaning –

       1.  Removing General Stains

Make a paste with 1-2 tbsp dishwashing soap, 1 cup flour and some water and apply this paste on countertop to be left for overnight covered with plastic.

  1.  Removing Oil-based Stains

Make a paste with 12% hydrogen peroxide, 1 cup flour and water to be applied on the countertop. Cover it with plastic and leave the material for overnight.

  1.  Removing Organic Stains

Just mix 2-3 drops of ammonia with 12% hydrogen peroxide which should be directly applied to the organic stains such as fruit, coffee and tea. Make use of soaked sponge to clean the residue.

Must Have PoolSide Furniture – Ideas, Pictures, Advices

Poolside furniture does not only add to the beauty of your home but also represents the importance of joy, health and elegance of your life which you enjoy in free time. Right and perfect furniture selection will surely make the poolside more functional and serene that will be loved by your family and close friends.Poolside Furniture

Poolside Furniture

The following are the must have Poolside furniture (priorities sequence) –


It will render a different experience to family when they would like to rest for some time after taking bath in pool. This furniture can be easily hung along the poolside where you will feel fine and relaxed. Of course, the material should be versatile in nature so that it can easily withstand the weather changes such as scorching sunrays and rainfall. On the other hand, the fabric should be highly compatible with changing seasons.


Bistro Sets

Enjoying with family members or doing a party at the poolside will be more effective and comfortable if you simply add dining set with two or four chairs. These are made with water repellent material that will not rot or wear due to water splashes. These are excellent and awesome in look apart from offering all-time comfort.Bistro sets

Chaise Lounges

Wood and wicker chaise lounges are the favorites to all because it offers you comfort while taking bask in the sun. Weekends and evening gathering would be much fruitful and relaxed in these long chairs because they are now available in outdoor fabrics and upholstered lounges.

Adirondack Chairs

There are several features like humidity and water-resistant along with amicable design for proper sitting which has long been loved by people. These chairs are extensively used in the outdoors because they have got high back portion with flat seat.Adirondack-Chairs

You can easily choose from a wide variety of colored chairs that can add beauty and variance at the poolside.

Outdoor Sectionals

Partying at the poolside with friends and family members will become much relaxed, enjoying and comfortable if you bring outdoor sectionals that are made of water repellent material. Weather resistant fabric and upholstered sectionals are also in the top category to be used at the poolside which will look awesome if you bring some colorful and matching throws and cushions.

10 Must Have Bathroom Accessories & Fittings

Bathroom is undoubtedly one of the most important places of any house. Bathroom is a place of relaxation. Bathroom accessories play a very important role in making the bathroom more beautiful. We have gone through must have bathroom accessories & fittings.Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom Accessories & Fittings

Now days, there is a huge flood of bathroom accessories in the market. Many different types of bathroom accessories are available in the market. Now days, bathroom accessories is not just limited to towel rack or shower, but it is much more than that. There are many different types of accessories that are available in the market that gives bathroom, the more stylish or more look. Here are some bathroom accessories that you must have in your bathroom.

Bathroom Mirror

Mirror, no doubt one of the must- have accessory for any bathroom. But, now a days mirror is not just a piece o use, but it is also used to give bathroom a new and a fresh look. Mirrors are available in the market in many different shapes and also in different sizes. Mirror in round shape, square shape, rectangle shape, oval shape and hexagonal shape are easily and very readily available in the market. Mirrors are also available in the market at different price range. So, it is very important to choose mirror that best suit in the bathroom space and also best fulfils the requirement. For the right advices, we have gone through best Bathroom mirror types, designs.

Bathroom Wash Basin

After mirror, the most important and the most useful bathroom accessory is the wash basin, wash basin is one of the most important bathroom fitting the each and every bathroom must-have. Wash basin is important accessory for every bathroom because it is frequently used accessory when it compared to other accessories in the bathroom

Like mirror, wash basin are also available in the market in the stylish look. Wash basin are also available in the market in different shapes, styles, size and also in different colors.

Bathroom Cabinets

Next to mirrors and wash basin, bathroom cabinet is another accessory that is used very frequently. Bathroom cabinet not only gives bathroom a new and stylish look, but it also makes bathroom the more comfortable place. Bathroom cabinet is used to keep item likes toiletries and other items as well. Bathroom cabinets are placed either above the wash basin or below the wash basin.

Bathroom cabinet gives bathroom an elegant as well as organized look. Like mirror and wash basin, bathroom cabinet is also available n the market in many different styles, shapes, colors and pattern. So, bathroom cabinet is also another accessory that bathroom must-have.

Bathroom Counter

Bathroom counter also comes in the list of must-have bathroom accessories. But, bathroom counter is meant for only spacious bathroom. Bathroom counter needs lots of space, so bathroom counters is not a good idea for mall bathrooms. Bathroom counter is a kind of slab or a counter around the sink or the basin. Bathroom counter not only enhances the beauty of the bathroom, but also very useful as well. On bathroom counter, you can keep decoration items like show piece or a flower-pot or you can also place items of your daily use like tooth paste, tooth-brush, hair gel, face wash etc.

Bath Sanitary Ware

Other accessory that gives bathroom a complete look and also makes bathroom comfortable for you is the sanitary ware. There are many items that includes in the list of sanitary ware. Some of the common items that are the parts of sanitary ware are toilet seat, toilet paper, toilet paper holder, flush, spray and so on. It is better to fix soap case or toilet paper holder on the wall in order to save space. All the sanitary ware is easily available in the market at affordable price.

Round Grating

Bathroom is one of the most humid places, so it is very important to have a good sewage system. If the floor holds water then it results in many serious accidents and also develops a unhygienic condition in the bathroom, which is definitely not good for the health. So, round grating system is undoubtedly, one of the most essential and must- have bathroom accessory.

Bath Fittings

The list of bath fittings is very long. It includes shower head, shower cap, bath tub, towel holder or towel rack and so on. Many latest designs of shower head and bath tub are available in the market these days.

Bathroom Curtains

Bathroom curtains are now in great trend those days. Bathroom curtains give elegant look to the bathroom. There are wide varieties of bathroom curtain that are available in the market. So, you can go for bathroom curtain that goes with the theme of the bathroom.

Silver Tray

Silver tray is another accessory that is in great trend these days.  Today, silver tray is mostly used in the place of bathroom cabinet or bathroom counter. Silver tray is easy to fix and also affordable. Silver trays are very easily available in the market.

Scented Candles or Small Plants

Scented candles or small plants are decorative accessories that are perfect for the large and spacious bathroom.

So, these are some of the best bathroom accessories & fittings that a bathroom must- have these days.

Different Types of Water Purifiers

The water available for drinking nowadays is not really safe for drinking crude and needs to be purified. Various pollutants like industrial waste and environmental degradation products have made the available water unhealthy for drinking. For this purpose, water filters and water purifiers are used. Both have the same mechanism, except that the purifiers are able to treat the water by killing the microorganisms, which a normal filter cannot do.

Types of Water Purifiers

The various types of water purifiers used are –

Active carbon Water filter

Many soluble gases get mixed with drinking water through industrial wastes like carbon monoxide, ammonia, nitrogen and even some pesticides. Activated carbon filters are coated with a layer of activated silver that helps in killing bacteria. Such filters are used to remove all such gases along with dead algae. The carbon blocks are porous and block all such impurities.

Biosand Water filter

It is a kind of filter which has layers of sand and gravel of varying diameters. The largest particles being at the bottom and smallest being at the top. The sand filters remove the dirt and gross impurities and kill the pathogens (disease causing organisms) as well.Biosand Water filter

Image by Wikimedia

The top 2 cm layer of sand is known as biolayer as it has microbial growth, which helps in killing the pathogens and making the water pathogen-free. However, it cannot remove the soluble gases from the water.

Reverse osmosis filters (RO)

It offers the purification of water in multiple stages by combination of active carbon and particle filter. The water is first made to pass through the particle filter which has many small-sized pores, which prevent the passage of microorganisms and minerals. The impurities are then removed through an outlet pipe. This system is recommended in areas which have hard water supply.

Ultra violet (UV) Filters

This type of purifier uses the simple technique of killing microorganisms with exposure to UV light. Exposure to the UV light results in de-naturation of proteins and DNA of the microbes and pathogens. But it does not remove any dirt, chemicals or suspended particles from the water.Kent Ultra UV Water Purifier

Ceramic Filters

These are hollow cylindrical filters made up of ceramic, which have materials like saw dust, coffee or rice husks, which have small pores to prevent the flow of bacteria and chlorine. It is known to restrict up to 99% of the bacteria E. coli.

Ion Exchange Resin Filters

Such filters contain a layer of resin in them, which attach the minerals to themselves and prevent their passage, thereby converting hard water into soft water.

Budget Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

If you are updating the existing kitchen into the budget one, take care of everything which needs to be replenished with new ideas and materials. However; you will need a new kitchen model if everything present in the old cooking space has gone outdated and does not offer any fragrance and convenience to your home. Kitchen remodeling ideas are different but they should be preferred with utmost caution as you are going for the budget kitchen remodeling purpose. Kitchen Remodeling

Think about latest styles of kitchen

No doubt, kitchen remodeling will need services of an expert contractor but before finalizing the deal, you should check all the details. Decide which kitchen aspects need to be updated and which one needs complete remodeling so as to mention them in the budget list! You will also have to think a little about the expensive kitchen accessories and utensils that can be used in your new and remodeled budget kitchen so as to retain them for the future use.

Plan for Budget Ideas

Most of the people will like to spend thousands of dollars in renewing the kitchen space but it should not be compromised with quality and appealing look of the space. Of course, you will have to plan your budget keeping in mind all the things such as kitchen accessories, utensils, cooking vessels, decor, lighting and electrical designs. However, you should try to keep some portion of your fund for emergency needs.

Excellent Remodeling ideas for Budget Kitchen Repair

  1. Elementary walls – Rather than going for the complete investment, you should prefer kitchen wallpapers, patterned tiles and distinct splash to add some value and meaning.
  2. Flooring – budget kitchen will never need jeweled and wooden floors as they will be very expensive. Choose the best and economic vinyl floor that may come within your budget and also fits the interiors of your cooking space to give it a new base!Kitchen Floor
  3. Painting – Water-based or oil-based paints will definitely make a great sense to your kitchen looks but it should be decided as per your budget consideration. Rather than putting the paints all over the kitchen in the initial stage, you should try to wait for everything like cabinets and other essentials getting ready so that minimum space requires your investment.
  4. Lighting – Most of the people prefer to make use of countertop signals and spotlights for scattered lighting however; local electrical vendor will give you innovative ideas about the best-suited lighting arrangements. Look for durable and serene lighting which can improve the space feelings!Kitchen lighting ideas
  5. Doorways and worktops – You can go for the nearby sales of doorways, cabinets and worktops from a reputed company which will affordably give you suggestions on the best items. Branded and expensive items will simply ruin your budget thus; it is better to look for an additional option.

I hope we have helped you with your Kitchen remodeling ideas and designs.

How to Use Jacuzzi in Bathroom – Do’s & Dont’s

Hey! Bathroom Jacuzzi is a great source of relaxation. Do you want to enjoy it, but don’t know how to use it? Well, read this post and get the answer of all your questions. This post tells you to use bathroom Jacuzzi jets. Have a read!Jacuzzi Cleaning Tips

There are no special things or tools required for using Jacuzzi in bathroom.

Jacuzzi in Bathroom

Here are some simple tips that help to use the Jacuzzi in bathroom –

  1. After immediate installation on, rinse out the bath tub properly so that here is no material and construction debris left out in a bathtub.
  2. Close the drain in bathtub so that water does not move out from the bathtub.
  3. Open the hot water and cold water tap and fill the bathtub to the desired temperature.
  4. Turn on the Jacuzzi timer. Through the Jacuzzi jets, the water will circulate along the air.
  5. Now, it’s time to enjoy Jacuzzi. Enter into the bathtub and sit in water.
  6. Hydrotherapy is best for sore and aching muscles. So, direct the flow of Jacuzzi jets on your muscles. Use finger to direct the flow of water. Move the Jacuzzi jet up, down, left or right by placing the finger inside the Jacuzzi jet.
  7. Ito controls the pressure as well as the flow of water, use your forefinger and thumb to grasp the Jacuzzi jet. To increase the flow of water. To increase the flow of water, turn a Jacuzzi jet counterclockwise and to reduce the flow of water, turn on the Jacuzzi jet clockwise.
  8. Turn on the pump clockwise for additional time for therapy.
  9. Turn off the Jacuzzi jet manually or wait for the timer to turn off.

So, these are the few simple and easy tips that are shared by us to use Jacuzzi in bathroom. Follow these easy tips and enjoy your time by sitting at Jacuzzi in bathroom and have a nice time!

Bathroom Countertop Cleaning Tips and Advices

No doubt, countertops used in the bathroom are the most durable and resistant to water splashes and scratches but they will need proper cleaning and maintenance for giving a tidy and clean look.Bathroom Countertop Cleaning

Bathroom Countertop Cleaning

The countertops in the bathroom are assaulted by different substances like toothpaste and hairspray thus; they come in different finishes such as plastic laminate, culture marble or ceramic tile.

  • Plastic laminate countertop – Dirt of the plastic laminate countertop in the bathroom can be easily removed by wet scrubbing pad however; you should make use of the abrasive side to get rid of grime and grease. If the countertop has developed some sort of stains and hard spots, use some quantity of baking soda and rub it gently.
  • Cultured marble countertop – You should always clean such a countertop with warm and soapy water however; you may try some bleach for cleaning purpose. It should be noted here that scrub pads and abrasive cleanser should never be used cultured marble countertops because scratches may develop on the surface.

In case, the cultured marble countertop has developed stains, you should remove these hard spots with the help of paste which should be made of water or talc, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, bleach or ammonia. Simply rub the stain spot with a brush using the paste and you will see fine and well-cleaned countertop free from stains.

  • Ceramic tile – Water mixed with white vinegar should be used to clear the soap films but you should avoid using pads or abrasive cleaners. In case of ceramic tile countertop, it would be hard for the stains to develop but grout becomes a common problem. For this, you should make use of the bleach solution and gently rub the spot with a brush. Grouts are the best places for bacteria growth and multiplication thus; they should be sealed with genuine grout sealer.

Most of the experts also recommend the use of disinfectant on the bathroom countertops which will never allow the growth of bacteria and other harmful germs in the area. For this, you should choose an authentic and commercial disinfectant to keep the place free from any bacteria and grime.

Thanksgiving Table Designs, Ideas, Photos and Advices

Hosting a thanksgiving party in your home is not a tough task given that you have ideas. Lots of good and creative ideas are there which can be employed in the party to impress your guests. Many good ideas are there that require no time and expenses to be created. Also, it is a fun to build festive crafting in order to say ‘thanks’ to your friends for good deeds they have done for you.Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving Table Design

Hosting a Thanksgiving party for the first time? Here are the best ideas to decorate thanksgiving table and impress guest with both food and design ideas –

Sprigs of Wheat or Seasonal Flower

If you want to design a classic thanksgiving table for your friends without spending lots of time, nothing can be a better way than this. Just take some sprigs of wheat or seasonal flower. Then take some cards and make slits on cards to attach sprig of wheat in them. Attach the sprigs and also write name of your friends on relevant cards.

Rustic Decoration

Use of wood slabs as card holders and place-mats is an excellent idea. This easy to design thanksgiving table looks like a woodland party when planned with a charm.Christmas table

Gilded Leaf Place Card

Use of glided leaves is another interesting idea to touch heart of your friends. Take some gilded leaves and write name of your friends on those leaves with colored pens. Then place those leaves to relevant seats you have set for your friends. These gilded place cards are the best example of glamour and nature together.

Cork & Feather Cards

Use of little corks and feather cards for creation of thanksgiving card holders is a good way for those who want to do something different during the thanksgiving party. If you have some little corks in your home and attractive feathers that you purchased in the last season, then start the work right now.

Just make a hole at the top of the cork by using a paper clip and poke the feather within it. Now, tag the card holder with the name of every friend and place it to relevant seats.

Living Room Accessories That Every Home Should Have

Living room, as we know is the most living space in the house. So, its look should be unique and interesting. There are many accessories that help to give it a unique and fresh look.Living Room Accessories

Living Room Accessories

If you are also looking for best living Room accessories, read it along –


Yes, you have heard right! We are talking about artworks . Use any painting or artwork in different styles. For instance, you can make a collage of paintings; it will give a fresh look to living room. You can also hang paintings made by the children in different walls.

Mirror and Glass

Gone are the days when mirror and glasses are considered as a bedroom or bathroom accessory. Now days, mirror and glasses are in great trend and also one of the stylish accessories for decorating living room.Vanity Mirror


Yes, candle is also one of the accessories that can give living room a new and appealing look. Use different shape candles of different color and aroma for your room. Beautiful candle stand can also be used for the same purpose.

Fresh Flowers

If we are talking about living accessories, how can we forget about fresh and beautiful flower? Yes, you can use fresh flowers for decorating living rooms. Fresh flowers are the most simple and easy available accessory for decoration. Rose, orchids, and lily can give different and unique look.

White Vase or Urn

To give your living room, an interesting look, go for white vases, urn or other white accessory. White accessories when paired with bright and bold colors give an awesome look to the room. Try these simple and classic accessories and give your living room a cool and gorgeous look!

Small Kitchen Cabinets Design, Ideas, Pics

One of the greatest things which should be considered while choosing kitchen cabinets is the maximization of space as it will give you some sort of space illusion apart from offering additional volumes for kitchen accessories. To get access to all your utensils and accessories, you must go with the kitchen cabinets that come in various shapes, patterns, designs and sizes to best suit your needs.Small Kitchen Cabinet

Image Credits –

Following suggestions will definitely help you in getting right designs and patterns of kitchen cabinets.

Cabinet Design Really Matters

Best choices of kitchen cabinets usually refer to hidden panels that allow the user to get extra space apart from serene look of the kitchen. In the recent past few years, stacked kitchen cabinets have also gained a lot of popularity because of their capability to leave horizontal spaces in the kitchen for storing spoons, glasses and other small-sized kitchen accessories.

Select Innovative Cabinet Material

No doubt, materials of the cabinet will give an all round subtleness to the interior decor thus; it should be chosen wisely. In fact, wooden items have longer been used in making stylish and attractive kitchen cabinets however; you may try some new things or addition to the existing cabinets. Glass doors can be added to these cabinets for more space illusion.

Make Color Choice Intellectually

In most of the cases, small kitchen spaces will not offer you with multiple color choices and that is possibly the reason why you should go with an ideal selection of cabinet color. Some of the non-recommended colors might disrupt the serenity and space feelings of your kitchen which must be avoided. Of course, you can choose some light-colored paint for the walls and even the cabinets that will allow you to give an exceptional and creative look to the kitchen space. Nonetheless, it will also add some flavor to your cabinets with enhanced space-availability feelings. Neutral colors are always the best things to move on as your cooking space become more widened!

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It is needless to say that you can turn your small-sized kitchen into harmonious blend of space and utility by choosing the perfect combination of cabinets and color alternatives.