How to Clean Jacuzzi Bathtub

Hey! Are you looking for easy and simple steps that help you to clean Jacuzzi bathtub? Well, this post is absolutely your answer! Cleaning Jacuzzi bathtub is not a very difficult task. It involves simple and easy steps.Jacuzzi Cleaning Tips

So, read on this post to know how you can keep your Jacuzzi neat and clean –

Step 1

Check Jacuzzis tub manual. Each tub is different and has different needs. Read tubs manual instruction carefully. This will give you an idea which cleanser is best for the tub and which should be avoided. If you missed tub manual somewhere, you can find it online.

Step 2

To stop air induction in the tub, close all the air control in a particular jet. Close it carefully and wait for some time.

Step 3

Open all the tabs and fill the tub to 3 to 4 inches, so that the jets are going to be submerged completely.

Step 4

Now add 2 tablespoon of detergent in water and also add a tablespoon of bleach to make the cleaning solution. Some experts recommended going step by step. First clean the Jacuzzi with the detergent and then clean it with the help of the bleach. While some expert’s advice to clean in single step only. Both the procedure is effective. It’s completely a personal choice.

Additional Tips:

Use white vinegar, if you do not want to use bleach. Commercial jet tub cleaner can also be used instead of bleach.

Step 5

For draining tub, run the water for at least 20 minutes. Now open the tab again and refill the tub 3 to 4 inches above the jet. Now, again run the water for rinsing.

Step 6

Drain the tub and use the soft cloth for cleaning the tub.

So, this is the end of the cleaning process of Jacuzzi. Follow these steps and always keep your Jacuzzi clean and safe! Stay tuned!

Buy Eco Friendly Furnitures- Advantages, Manufacturers

Looking to buy Eco friendly furniture but no idea on where to start? Check out Eco Friendly furniture advantages, manufacturers & advices.

It is not always essential for you to waste the natural resources by buying new and fresh furniture items that have been built after cutting precious trees. Yes, you can contribute to the preservation of natural resources by choosing eco-friendly items that will make your home heaven and more attractive.Eco Friendly Furniture

Prefer Renovated Furniture

You should always try to make use of the furniture items like sofa sets and storage products that have been made from old things or houses. These products often come in innovative designs which will satisfy your needs.

Bamboo products are really eco-friendly

As compared to other woods and trees, bamboos can be replenished in just 5 years in contrast to average of 50 years. This wood often is considered versatile in nature and is fast-growing tree that can be utilized in furniture, veneers, window blinds and flooring. It should be noted here that your outdoors can carve out a different look if you make use of the patio furniture.

Popularity of crafted engineering wood

Since chemical process is followed in the manufacturing and crafting of engineering wood, these items are often considered as eco-friendly. You can easily buy economical engineered wood items that are made of veneers, fibers, particles and pulp.

Furniture with flexibility and small size

Smart selection of the furniture will always guide you to ultimately go for the small-sized and flexible furniture that can easily fit into smaller house. Smaller items will make use of lesser natural resources and they often come in smart and intelligent designs such as collapsible wardrobes and wall mounted shelves.Eco friendly Wooden Furniture

Recycled product and organic fabric

Upholstered chairs and sofas can offer you an ultimate option which makes use of natural latex and organic fiber. Moreover, you can buy furniture items that come from recycled raw materials like plastics and metal. Recycling has achieved wonders for the saving of natural resources thus; you can play your active role.


Artistic pleasure can be easily derived from vintage furniture items that will offer you excellent resale values. There is no need of new resources to make the vintage items thus; you can really save plenty of trees by buying ultimate and aesthetic vintage materials.

Small Living Room Furniture Design Tips

Family and space requirements should always be considered while selecting correct furniture sets for the small living rooms. Of course, you will never like to face hurdles and problems while you stay busy in family entertainment and for this; you should show your wisdom in perfect furniture selection. Living Room

Small Living Room Furniture

In order to improve the functionality and appeal of the living room, you have various options in your mind but if you have small living room you needs ideas.Small Living Room Furniture

Here we at Best Home Advices introducing Small Living room furniture ideas & layout so that you can arrange all of them easily –

  • Furniture to be used in living room should have ottomans that can be easily used for multipurpose tasks such as for resting of your foot or for additional seating space in crowded condition. You can also use it as a coffee table by putting a base on the ottoman.
  • If problem is there with the table choice, you can surely go with the option of side table or center table covered with glass top which occupies least amount of space. Of course, it will make the living room more appealing and visually pleasing for the guests.
  • Never try to make use of heavy furniture items that will look ugly and make your space crowded. Instead, choose furniture sets such as sofa and chair which are visually lightweight but strong enough to give you comfort and coziness.
  • Experts also suggest keeping mirrors in the living room so that illusion of larger space can be created.
  • The alternative of combined bed and sofa is always good to be placed in the living room which can be used as bedding in case of extra guests visiting your home.
  • Openness of the living room space can be maintained by putting elevated furniture designs that are armless and have slim legs.
  • Your room will definitely appear larger than its actual size you have chosen light colored furniture sets which will match to the space restrictions.
  • Placing a TV would be your topmost priority for the living room decor for which you must add units that come with several types of shelve and drawer designs. Such TV units will always provide you with plenty of storage space in the living room which can be utilized to keep photo frames, books, showpieces and many other decor items.

Bamboo Floor Cleaning Tips, Products & Maintenance Advices

Increasing popularity of bamboo flooring has really carved out a different niche for homeowners as it becomes to easier for people to clean and maintain. Of course, you are required to put your efforts in floor maintenance and caring of bamboo floors so that they remain long term companion and durable to your living space. Here we go through the best Bamboo floor cleaning tips and maintenance advices so that it can last longer & some bamboo floor cleaner products, kit & instructions.Bamboo Floor Cleaning Tips

Bamboo Floor Cleaning

Here, you will find the most recommended and useful tips of cleaning the bamboo floor –

  • For improving appeal and look for the bamboo floors, it becomes essential for the owner to clean and sweep floor on daily basis. It will never allow dust and other unwanted things to accumulate on the floor and it will look awesome and fresh for a long time.
  • Urethane sealing of bamboo floors has also gained popularity these days due to which it will be always easier to clean the floor with minimum efforts. It would be invisible and offer excellent protection to floor essentials.
  • Never use hard or pointed brush to clean your floor because it will result in scratches that will make the bamboo unappealing. You should try your best to use soft and delicate brush for sweeping purpose.
  • Area rugs can be also used to keep the bamboo floor clean and tidy so that your floor always remains shiny.
  • Dry towel should be used to get rid of scratches and heel marks. To remove stains, homeowners always prefer damp cloths in cleaner and water which will easily remove marks and stains on the bamboo floor. After removing those stains from the floor, you should immediately wipe out the moist portion of flooring to get it drier.
  • It is often suggested to keep the moisture and humidity level of the bamboo floor in range of 30-50% so that it is safe from warping, separation and other damages.
  • If you have waxed the bamboo floor for enhanced protection, make it sure that floor is not cleaned with any liquid cleaner rather it should be only waxed again to improve durability.
  • In order to protect beauty and look of the bamboo floor, you should never try to use wet or dampened mop for floor cleaning purpose.

Bamboo Floor Cleaning Products

A number of bamboo floor cleaning products are available in the market and also online. Here is the one that we recommend to maintain bamboo flooring neat and clean.

Better Life Floor Cleaner – BUY it Right Now

To clean bamboo or other hardwood flooring, you can use floor cleaner provided by Better Life.bamboo floor cleaner



So those were some of the best Bamboo flooring maintenance and cleaning tips and some suggested products.

Image Credits – activerain.trulia

Best Sofa Designs 2017 – Top Sofa Design Photos, Pictures

There is no dearth of sofa designs today in the market but a few sofa sets are really flexible, artistic and have been considered as the top choices by experts and consumers. L-Section Sofa Designs

Best Sofa Designs 2015

Your home will never look comfortable and beautiful without proper sofa sets thus; you should invest your energy and time in selecting the best sofa design.

L-sectional Sofa Design

Rooms will look much attractive if you insert L-sectionals in the corner that provides a different appeal. Of course, you can display more creativity by separating these sections which will engage your guests. It should be however remembered that these sofa designs will be more suited to excess space availability in the      living room. Today, these sectionals can be selected in leather or fabric style which makes an essence to home environment.Sofa Designs

Upholstered Sofa Sets

Richness of the living room can be easily achieved if you make use of the completely upholstered sofas that will be considered valuable for investment. Nothing in this world can easily replace the grandeur and beauty of these upholstered sofa designs that come with excellent design, prefect finishing and quality fabrics.Upholstered Sofa Sets

Loveseat design is often considered more popular which will give a unique feel and look to the living room. Moreover, it will occupy lesser space and maintain your style.

Convertible Sofa Bed

Flexibility and space management always matter in the selection of compatible sofa design. Sofa-bed combination is the best and highly preferred design for living room sofa which can act as sofa as well as bed for your guests. This design is really a pleasant selection for your home if guests often visit your place for spending night.

Convertible Sofa Bed PhotosIt occupies lesser area to suit your needs.Convertible Sofa Bed


Often found in the form of quilts or padded mattress, futons design is preferred by those consumers who want the same item to transform into sofa support and bed as well. Yes, these quilts will easily convert into bed apart from offering you the much needed sofa cushion support to relax in free time.

Best Futons

You can set such sofa designs in the guest as well as living room of your house.

Chaise Sofa design

This type of sofa set design is the innovative touch of sectional sofas that have a long cushion portion attached to the couch at a certain angle, as per comfort and convenience. Of course, this can make your guests wonder because it is the latest twist to the traditional one which always gives a perfect and lively space to lie and take complete rest.

Living Room Furniture Ideas, Designs, Pictures, Types

Innovation meets designs with latest gen of furniture designs. Here we go through some of the best living room furniture ideas, designs and pictures to give your rough idea on how you can design a perfect living room.

Living Room Furniture Ideas

Wide variety of materials like glass and wood are used in making the right kind of living room furniture which can add elegance and variety to your home. Of course, you should bring some innovative furniture sets for the living room which gives you enough space to walk and enjoy family activities.

Living Room Furniture

Image Credits – Midmobrr

Living Room Furniture with Wooden Finish

If you want invest less for a furniture set which looks like real wooden furniture, wood-effect finish sets will be perfect for the living room which comes packed with embossed grain-effect to look real. Of course, it will offer you different advantages over the real wood such as easy cleaning, evenness in appearance & color; and it would be highly resistant to scratches, stains and warp. Paper veneer or heavy foil adds value and appeal to such furniture which are fixed to the particle board or MDF.

Solid Wood Furniture

Look and characteristic of the real wood will be easily see in this set as it offers the colors variance, knots and grain.

Hi Gloss

Luxury and beauty of the look room environment can be easily enhanced with this sheen finish because it provides your room with contemporary and cool looks.


Additional features of the melamine like scratch resistant and higher durability makes it a favorite choice to most of the people and it comes in the category of wood-effect furniture.

Wood Veneer

Decorative finishes are the real-time properties of wood veneer furniture because it makes use of thin layers of original wood pieces to give a different appeal and look. In addition to this, it will cost you very reasonable as compared to the real wood furniture sets.

Glass Furniture

Since glass can be set compatible with any kind of interior decoration and room environment, living room in the home will look simply perfect with these glass furniture sets. It would be very much neutral to decor colors and offers more virtual space along with openness. You will never have to worry about the future living room changes if you have invested in glass furniture for once.

What is Pet Insurance – Cost, Companies, Coverage Details

If you consider the pets as loyal friend or a family member; you will be well aware of the happiness, risks and challenges offered by them at different stages of life. You will always have to worry about their health, hygiene, illness and of course; road or in-home accidents that may take toll on their lives. Whether you have got cat or dog as pet in your house, you will need a comprehensive and authentic Pet Insurance plan to cover their fitness and beauty. Mentioned here are some of the best Pet Insurance companies, their cost and coverage details to give you can idea.

Pet insurance

Companies with best Pet Insurance Plans

Veterinary Pet Insurance

This is an excellent company with amazing plans, coverage areas and has earned robust reputation nationwide. You will feel proud to own a pet insurance policy with this firm because it offers you numerous choices to compare rates and facilities offered by it to other competitor companies in the market. Moreover, the plans are extremely affordable and it offers variety to the coverage plans which will definitely suit your needs and preferences.

ASPCA Pet Insurance

It will offer you pet health insurance for both cats and dogs for which you can really put your trust like hundreds of other insurance buyers. With cash back and 30 days guarantee, you will like the insurance plans with multitude of insurance plan options and affordable monthly plans which will be available nowhere in your country. Deductibles have been planned on annual basis, not for each accident which adds to your advantage.

Embrace Pet Insurance

With larger pet health bills, you will be totally confused about how to pay it but with Embrace Pet Insurance, you will be remaining totally tension free in terms of finances. It offers a wide variety of insurance plans for dogs, puppies, kittens and cats for in case of injuries, accidents and illness. You are free to select your monthly insurance plan, depending on the health of your pet, budget and payouts.

Animal Friends

Starting from the 5 weeks of age, you will get pet insurance up to lifetime in case of accidents and illness of dogs and cats including puppies and kittens. Of course, it will offer different levels of coverage depending on your budget and risks associated with locality such as public liability and theft.

Pet Insurance Policy Cost & Coverage

The cost of the policy varies depending upon your coverage or vice-versa.

Comprehensive Pet Policy – Cost/Coverage

This plan usually will cover illness, hereditary issues and accidents for your pets with affordable monthly insurance plans. Yes, it will charge just $25-35 every month for comprehensive insurance plans that will not break your bank balance.

Emergency Pet Policy

As the name indicates, this plan will be valid for road accidents only because it needs immediate medication of your dogs. It may cost up to $10 or $15 per month.

Everyday Care Pet Policy

This plan costs for $10-11 per month and it will cover flea control and pet vaccinations.

Some of the other plans offered by the above mentioned companies are greatly related to pet’s wellness, illness and injuries that will charge you up to $10. It would be best for you to choose the pet insurance plan which just not only gives coverage to accident and wellness but also offers everyday healthcare for dog or cat.

Pet Insurance Policy Benefits

There are several benefits of Pet Insurance policy. Some of them are –

#1: Affordability

It is one of the most sought after benefits for the pet insurance plans which are offered by every company today. Paying just $10 or $15 a month can cover medical bills up to $10000 in case of serious illness or severe accident of your pet.

#2: Maximum Payout

Some of the companies boast of providing more than 90% of medical bills as payouts which is just interesting and amazing.

#3: Faster Cashback

Like home and health insurance policies, you will not have to run here and there because you will get your cash back quickly just after you claim for the insurance cover. Yes, it will take just 15 days to 30 days for final proceedings.

Image Credits –

Buy the Energy Efficient Patio Door Curtain Panel

Preserving the renewal energy is very important and that’s why solar systems and other form of generating energy have come up in the home appliances as well. Door curtains gets a makeover as energy efficient door panels are here. We are talking about Energy Efficient Patio Door Curtain Panel by Sun Zero as sold on Amazon [LINK].patio doors curtains

The Patio Door curtain panel by Sun Zero gives your privacy and reduces noise. Furthermore, it can save energy by blocking heat and cold from outside.

This one is with extra width with Stone Beige Floral Print costing $29 on Amazon [LINK]Energy Efficient Door curtains

Manufactured by Sun Zero, the energy efficient patio door curtain panel gives room darkening system to your curtains. This is the first time ever that any company has brought light system to curtains. After installation it will look like the image as shown above.

Here is the working of it –

patio doors curtains


  • Energy Efficient
  • Light Reducing
  • Noise Reducing
  • Privacy Enhancing
  • 100% Polyester
  • Machine Washable
  • Easy to clean – machine washable

You can buy this with confidence from Amazon. Just click the Amazon banner below –


What is Furniture Insurance – Companies, Plans, Coverage, Cost

Accidents often occur inside our homes which may damage the costly furniture items and you will have to incur huge losses, if they are not properly insured by a reputed company. Furniture insurance is being offered by a number of companies and online manufacturers that will provide plan extensions, affordable costs of insurance and great coverage options that are to be included in the insurance plan.Furniture Insurance

Companies Providing Furniture Insurance

There is no denying the fact that you will find amazing insurance plans for upholstered furniture sets and other customized items that are quite vulnerable to structural damages, spills, scratches and accidental damages in the near future. However, you will have to know every aspect of such insurance plans for your expensive furniture items so that you always remain at the beneficial side of the deal.Furniture

Well, each of the insurance companies may offer different types of warranty and repairing conditions thus; you need to choose them with utmost caution and sincerity.

  1. Littlewoods – This company is specialized in offering you furniture insurance in case damage has occurred due to kid activities. Yes, you might be interested in such coverage plans if you want to ensure your furniture sets kid-proof. Activities such as spilling juice, damages at the legs of sofa and other similar things will be quickly covered by this company.
  2. Direct Line – The underlying concept of Direct Line is offering excellent coverage on new-for-old basis for different household items such as carpets, furniture, sheds, garage and curtains.
  3. All Furniture Services – It will give you replacement and repairing warranty for the shipped and delivered furniture items for the next five years for accidental or structural damages. Of course, if the damages and spills are not fixed in rare cases, insurance company will simply replace it for you at no cost to the customer.

Furniture Insurance Plans

It should be noted here that insurance plans for the furniture items will greatly vary depending on the quality & cost of furniture; types of furniture and of course; your budget.  Common insurance plans in case of furniture are –

  1. Upholstered leather furniture plan
  2. Upholstered fabric furniture plan
  3. Wood furniture, accessories insurance plan

In general, furniture items that cost up to $2000-3000 or more will automatically come under the furniture replacement/repairing insurance cover.

Furniture Insurance Coverage

Most of the furniture insurance companies will be pleased to cover costs of damage and warranty as per their ‘What is Covered’ section. Yes, this section details various conditions, damage situations and obligations which are valid and authentic for them to provide repairing and replacement for the new or old furniture sets.

What is Covered

Furniture items included in the domain of vinyl, leather and fabric upholstered category will receive service in case of –

  1. Stains caused by pet or human fluids
  2. Stain caused by any beverage or food
  3. Rip, tear, cut or puncture occurred due to specific incident
  4. Stain caused by nail polish or nail polish remover
  5. Structural or operational failures of mechanisms, springs and frames.
  6. Burn caused by any specific accident

Furniture items included in the domain of wooden or any other hard surface furniture will receive service in case of –

  1. Ring or liquid marks
  2. Scratches, chip or breakage of mirrors or glass
  3. Stains caused by beverages and foods
  4. Breakage
  5. Peeling, bubbling, cracking or checking caused by an accident
  6. Stains caused by nail polish
  7. Silver loss of mirror
  8. Heat mark or burn

Insurance coverage will not be offered in case of misuse/repeated use, improper maintenance and care.

Furniture Insurance Cost

Different companies will charge varying costs of furniture insurance depending upon the number of furniture items, quality and buying price of the furniture sets. It may vary from $100 for 4 items to thousands of dollars for the entire household furniture items.

Bathroom Floor Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

The bathroom is the most frequently and daily-used space in your home which must be cleaned and maintained. Many people consider the job of bathroom cleaning more tedious and complicated however; they fail to know the effective and quite useful tips.Bathroom Floor Cleaning

Bathroom Floor Cleaning

Freshness and functionality of the bathroom will be readily improved if you clean the space with the following recommended tips –

Improve Air Circulation

Growth of mildew in the bathroom can be readily controlled by improving the air circulation process through vents and windows which will also help you in reducing the moisture concentration. Dehumidifiers, air conditioners and fans can also work for you.

Scheduled Drain and Pipe Cleaning

At least once a month, you should clean drainage system and pipes of the bathroom so that they remain free from oil, hair clogs and grease. This can be easily done with a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar in equal quantity which should be poured into drains and pipes.

Squeegee Use

Shower walls often come with water spots and stains that will last long which must be cleaned in a week with the help of squeegee. Curtains should be closed to dry up the water that often sits at the folds.

Fix Soap Scum Issue

It is advised to use acidic cleaner to fix the issue of soap scum which are hard and stubborn in nature. You can remove the scum with a light solution of water and white vinegar however; it should be done with caution.

Solution to Clogged Showerheads

With regular water flow, showerheads can be clogged due to mineral deposits which should be handled smartly. Simply fill a plastic with non-diluted white vinegar and hang it to the top so that showerhead remains submerged for a night. Simply scrub the pores to remove clogging.Clogged Showerhead

Credits – Todayshomeowner

Keep Vents and Blinds Clean

An authentic and multi-tasking duster can be used to get rid of dust accumulation in fans, window blinds and bents that are hard-reaching places in the bathroom.

Cleaning Bathtub

Bathtub in the bathroom will need proper and regular maintenance which can be done by filling warm water into tub and then adding a fewer amount of bleach.