How to Clean Kitchen Without Use of Chemicals

Hey! Are you looking natural cleanser that helps you to keep kitchen clean? Do you want to know how you can clean kitchen without use of chemicals? In this post, you find some Kitchen cleansers that are chemical free. Yes, you heard it right! Read this article to learn how to keep your kitchen clean and your hand safe!

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Bathroom Accessories

Clean Kitchen without Chemicals

If you want to remove rust spots from any pot or utensil, which is of copper, stainless-steel or brass, the combination of lemon and salt is perfect! Make a mixture of lemon juice and salt and apply it over the affected area. Rinse it gently then wash off.

Giving pan or pot a shinny appearance, take lemon slice and sprinkle a pinch of baking soda on the top of lemon slices. Your lemon cleanser is ready to apply! Use lemons slice as a dish cloth to get rid of grease and other dirt from pot or pan.Kitchen Chemicals

To remove water stain, dirt from the window of your kitchen, make the cleansing of lemon juice and water and clean the glass of your window. The cleansing solution not only removes stains and dirt, but also gives extra shine to the window.

To remove food odor from sink or garbage, you can use orange peel or lemon peel. There is another alternative too. You can take lemon and toss it. Both these methods are very effective to remove food odor.

Mineral deposit is very common in sink faucet. To remove it, make a lemon solution for loosen mineral deposits in a sink. In a few drops of lemon juice, add a pinch of baking soda and a cup of water. Your cleansing solution is ready to loosen minerals deposited in a faucet.

Hope, you are clear with all the kitchen cleaning tips without use of chemical. Try these easy tips and keep tour kitchen clean!

How to Wash Pillows – Tips

Due to regular and long term use, bed pillows often become the victim of spills, discoloration and stains. People will surely wash the pillow covers but pillows remain the matter of negligence in terms of cleaning and washing, which is definitely not a good sign of hygiene and cleanliness. You will find a genuine bed pillow washing process which will keep this hurdle and issue away from it. Pillows

Wash Pillows

If you have never given a firm and comprehensive wash to the pillows, it is perfect time to clean them with an easy process which will not require extra investment or efforts. Since sweat, oiliness or other things from human body often get deep into fibers or cotton of the pillow, stains and yellowness will automatically appear on the pillows. As per the expert suggestion, you must wash the bed pillows for two times every year which would be best for the interior looks and overall hygiene.

Pillow washing in machine

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For cleaning pillows of fiberfill or down types, you should follow the instructions given in the pillow tags that come with new sets and if it is absent or has been removed, follow the given below instructions: –

  1. You should put at least two pillows in the washing machine so that load remains optimally balanced.
  2. Warm water should be used to wash these pillows and you should always prefer gentle and mild liquid detergents.
  3. For perfect and proper rinsing, you must put an extra spin and additional cold water so that moisture gets extracted after the spin.
  4. Low heat is often preferred to dry these pillows which can be easily achieved with socks filled with tennis balls or dryer balls that will keep the pillows fluffy and no signs of clumping would be seen. Of course, you can keep the pillows in the sun to finalize the drying process

Note – For smoother cleaning process, you may add some bleach to get white and attractive pillows at the end of washing process. You should also ensure that pillows get rotated after every half an hour while getting dried.

How to Wash Foam Pillows

You should make use of mild solution to get rid of spots on the foam pillows after which it should be wiped off with dampened cloth. Air drying method is most suitable for these pillows as using dryer can melt the foam.

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