What is Furniture Insurance – Companies, Plans, Coverage, Cost

Accidents often occur inside our homes which may damage the costly furniture items and you will have to incur huge losses, if they are not properly insured by a reputed company. Furniture insurance is being offered by a number of companies and online manufacturers that will provide plan extensions, affordable costs of insurance and great coverage options that are to be included in the insurance plan.Furniture Insurance

Companies Providing Furniture Insurance

There is no denying the fact that you will find amazing insurance plans for upholstered furniture sets and other customized items that are quite vulnerable to structural damages, spills, scratches and accidental damages in the near future. However, you will have to know every aspect of such insurance plans for your expensive furniture items so that you always remain at the beneficial side of the deal.Furniture

Well, each of the insurance companies may offer different types of warranty and repairing conditions thus; you need to choose them with utmost caution and sincerity.

  1. Littlewoods – This company is specialized in offering you furniture insurance in case damage has occurred due to kid activities. Yes, you might be interested in such coverage plans if you want to ensure your furniture sets kid-proof. Activities such as spilling juice, damages at the legs of sofa and other similar things will be quickly covered by this company.
  2. Direct Line – The underlying concept of Direct Line is offering excellent coverage on new-for-old basis for different household items such as carpets, furniture, sheds, garage and curtains.
  3. All Furniture Services – It will give you replacement and repairing warranty for the shipped and delivered furniture items for the next five years for accidental or structural damages. Of course, if the damages and spills are not fixed in rare cases, insurance company will simply replace it for you at no cost to the customer.

Furniture Insurance Plans

It should be noted here that insurance plans for the furniture items will greatly vary depending on the quality & cost of furniture; types of furniture and of course; your budget.  Common insurance plans in case of furniture are –

  1. Upholstered leather furniture plan
  2. Upholstered fabric furniture plan
  3. Wood furniture, accessories insurance plan

In general, furniture items that cost up to $2000-3000 or more will automatically come under the furniture replacement/repairing insurance cover.

Furniture Insurance Coverage

Most of the furniture insurance companies will be pleased to cover costs of damage and warranty as per their ‘What is Covered’ section. Yes, this section details various conditions, damage situations and obligations which are valid and authentic for them to provide repairing and replacement for the new or old furniture sets.

What is Covered

Furniture items included in the domain of vinyl, leather and fabric upholstered category will receive service in case of –

  1. Stains caused by pet or human fluids
  2. Stain caused by any beverage or food
  3. Rip, tear, cut or puncture occurred due to specific incident
  4. Stain caused by nail polish or nail polish remover
  5. Structural or operational failures of mechanisms, springs and frames.
  6. Burn caused by any specific accident

Furniture items included in the domain of wooden or any other hard surface furniture will receive service in case of –

  1. Ring or liquid marks
  2. Scratches, chip or breakage of mirrors or glass
  3. Stains caused by beverages and foods
  4. Breakage
  5. Peeling, bubbling, cracking or checking caused by an accident
  6. Stains caused by nail polish
  7. Silver loss of mirror
  8. Heat mark or burn

Insurance coverage will not be offered in case of misuse/repeated use, improper maintenance and care.

Furniture Insurance Cost

Different companies will charge varying costs of furniture insurance depending upon the number of furniture items, quality and buying price of the furniture sets. It may vary from $100 for 4 items to thousands of dollars for the entire household furniture items.